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About us


We are a family printer with 20 years of experience in the printing industry. For nearly a quarter century of our existence, we certainly grew, but we have managed to maintain the relaxed atmosphere of a family company, We offer our customers not only quality digital and offset printing, but also the presentation banners for conferences, exhibitions and fairs, corporate materials or textile printing. We are proud that our printer operates primarily through references. It means that our customers are happy with us and they are not hesitating to recommed us further.


Whether you are a multinational corporation or you just need to print 50 cards, we are proud that you have chosen us, and we will give you the maximum of our attention.


What do we like the most ?

Printing is fun we are not a megaprinter that prints kilometers of materials a day, even if we can handle it. We like a unique contracts we can realize from A to Z. To provide you with a complete service - from data preparation and graphic design done in our DTP studio, via installation or transport or storage.


We print on high-quality materials, we use original toners and we like high quality standards. We know our clients well and we are able to give them exactly what they need. And what we do best. On top of that, we cooperate with our proven subcontractors on technologies we do not own.


We look forward to your projects because ...


Printing is fun!

Summary of services


Our DPT studio will make your complete design tailor – made or will prepare your data for printing.

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Printing and finishing

We offer both digital and offset printing without limit for minimum size of order. Including finishing.

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Transport and Installation

Need banner or label your shop window? We will deliver your product to the right place and arrange installation. We can also install abroad.

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Storage possibility

We will store your print for free and distribute it according to your own plan.

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Additional service

We cooperate with our proven subcontractors on technologies we do not own.

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What we do the best

We know our customers well

We do not focus on quantity but on quality. We know our client needs - how to print their desired color and type of their material to be working together the best. We are flexible and, if necessary we can work 24 hours seven days a week.

We are here for ordinary people

We understand that everyone is an expert in some area and we know that printing is very specific. To help you to stay focused on what you do the best, leave printing to us. We will check and adjust your suggestions, so that the product you receive would be perfect.

We will simply do everything for you regarding printing and more ..........

We will provide you with a complete service from print to the installation. We will help you to label your shop window or a tram, or to install a neon sign or banner on the building facade. Also abroad. We will arrange for you even what you think we cannot. Special projects are challenge for us. Please don't be afraid to ask!

Little space?

If you need to send regulary a large volume of prints and have nowhere to store them, leave them with us is for free. We will distribute them according your needs.

You will recognize us immediately

Printing is fun for us and each project makes us happy. We want you to be happy as well so we distribute our products wrapped in original packaging. Anyone who gets a package from us, knows what awaits him in the package. Animals on marketing aids and packaging materials.

Small as well as large

Well, we know that not everyone needs to print high volume of materials. That is why we are not limited by the size of the contract and at very reasonable prices we can print small volumes. Without minimum prices.